Curriculum Vitae

Corey Menscher
Mobile: 347.464.8709
Twitter: @cmenscher


Chief Technology Officer
The Daily Beast • New York, NY
July 2014 - June 2015

The Daily Beast delivers award-winning original reporting and sharp opinion from big personalities in politics, pop culture, world news and more. It is owned by InterActive Corp (IAC) and is located in their headquarters in Manhattan.

As CTO, I was responsible for managing an internal development and ops team as well as an offshore development team responsible for maintaining the publishing system and implementing new product features. As I came onboard, the publishing system was based on a legacy CMS that severely hampered iterative development and robust testing practices, so we worked toward migrating the front- and back-end foundations to a modern services-oriented architecture. I worked with product and editorial team leadership to implement their needs from a technology standpoint while managing a growing and changing engineering culture.

Lead Technologist
Hyatt Digital Experience Lab • New York, NY
March 2014 - May 2015

The Hyatt Digital Experience Lab is a product development team embedded in the Grand Hyatt New York. With direct access to associates and guests to provide feedback and operational guidance, the team can build an iterate digital products that enhance the guest experience.

As the lead technologist, I am responsible for making all architectural decisions surrounding the products we create…as well as lead the development team. I was also the sole front-end web and mobile application developer for the team. Other duties range from user research, providing mobile architecture input to various teams within Hyatt, and internal hiring.

Co-Founder, Head of Product – New York, NY
September 2010 – September 2012 is a groundbreaking tool for collecting, sharing and discussing clips you find on your Amazon Kindle, Google Play ebooks, and from any website on the internet.

I brought Findings from a basic concept to a widely-used and praised service. I was responsible for the entire initial application architecture (MySQL database, Tornado web framework in Python, and Javascript/JQuery client-side development) and iterated the product based on user feedback. I hired and worked with skilled developers and designers to build a medium-scale web application, maintaining a role as chief front-end developer through three major releases. I was also the main contact for user feedback and support, and maintained the Findings blog. I gave several presentations and sat on panels as a representative of Findings to discuss our solutions and innovations in digital marginalia.

Game Designer/Developer
Resinauts - New York, NY
May 2010 – Present
The Resinauts design and create mobile games.

Our first game, HALI (, is currently available in the iOS App Store. Meant to be played in a large area, Players form teams of Hiders and Seekers. Seekers must find the Hiders within the allotted time. Using the geolocation capability of iOS devices, players are able to view each other's position on a map, acting as a sort of heads-up display. Players can also send messages to all players in the game, or to just their team for strategizing.

ITP Resident Researcher
New York University - New York, NY
September 2009 – August 2010
ITP is a two-year graduate program located in the Tisch School of the Arts whose mission is to explore the imaginative use of communications technologies — how they might augment, improve, and bring delight and art into people's lives. Perhaps the best way to describe us is as a Center for the Recently Possible.

Based on my accomplishments as a graduate of ITP, I was awarded a position as Resident Researcher. I assisted ITP students by holding workshops on subjects taught in class, as well as teaching supplemental skills needed to execute student projects and coursework. I also worked on my research projects based on collaboration with faculty members, as well as on my own. Additionally, I had responsibilities supporting some of the web applications at use by the ITP faculty, staff, and administration.

Chief Web Application Developer
TCB Data Systems, Inc. - New York, NY
TCB Data Systems provides an electronic means for the NYSE, Nasdaq, American Stock Exchange, Euronext, Deutsche Boerse, and other international stock exchanges to bill and track professional and non-professional recipients of their market data.

I was the chief web application developer for this small yet well-established company (founded in the mid 1980's), with decision-making responsibilities on server software & hardware, web application architecture, and interface design. The team maintained the premier online system for market data usage reporting to the world's largest equities exchanges. TCB Data also creates custom software for stock exchanges and organizations with market data usage reporting obligations.

Managing Interface Engineer
Organic, Inc. - New York, NY
May 1999 – April 2001
Organic, Inc. is an interactive advertising agency headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in Detroit, New York, London, and Los Angeles.

I was hired as a Senior Interface Engineer, where I focused on client-side engineering. I was promoted to Managing Interface Engineer in 2000. I oversaw a team of eight Interface Engineers and also led the Interface Engineering of several client projects.

Director of Operations, Co-Founder
AdOne Classified Network
June 1995 – September 1997
AdOne allowed small- and medium-market newspapers to publish their classified ads online by integrating with their existing new sites as well as aggregating all of their ads into a nationally searchable database. It was acquired by a consortium of newspaper publishers in 1999.

Along with product development, I was responsible for front-end development, some server operations, and classified ad system integrations. I also performed the majority of customer support for issues relating to the web application and data integration.


Master of Professional Studies – May 2009
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Interactive Telecommunications Program

My graduate work encompassed computational media, physical computing, wearable technology, social software, and mobile apps & location-based services.

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – May 1995
Washington University in St. Louis
College of Arts & Sciences
Member Zeta Beta Tau fraternity


Assistant Adjunct Professor
Columbia University
Graduate School of Journalism

Spring 2012
I co-taught a course entitled “Data Journalism and Information Visualization” with faculty member Susan McGregor. The course covered the theoretical and practical use of data for finding and supplementing journalistic works, as well as applied skills in basic web development and data visualization tools and the design decisions involved in creating interactive “news applications”.

Adjunct Professor
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
Interactive Telecommunications Program

Summer 2010, Spring 2011

I have taught one course over two semesters "Device Independence with Mobile Web Applications" (, offered May 2010, which was renamed to "Write Once, Access Anywhere" ( in Spring 2011. The course focuses on creating near-native mobile web applications using modern web technologies.